Everyone deserves to breath pure clean air


To improve Indoor Air Quality with customized site-specific solutions and increase HVAC efficiencies. We achieve this by only using the Highest Effective UV-C Energy with our industry leading quality UV-C products and installation.


Everyone deserves to breath clean air, our vision is creating the “Cleanest Purest Air” possible inside buildings and homes improving the health-welfare of people, animals and plants at the best value.


Reality Check of the Indoor Air we breathe everyday all day

Indoor air: What it is
Any enclosed space where people spend 1 hour/day or more. The air in buildings such as homes, offices, schools & hospitals, etc.
Indoor Air Quality:
The totality of attributes of indoor air that affect a person’s health & wellbeing.

Conditioning Indoor Air:
Mechanical air-handling systems control temperature for comfort and site-specific needs. Circulation of harmful contamination & objectionable odors created by micro-organisms, pathogens & toxins is what we breathe when Air flow is not treated. Normal airflow is around 500fpm in and air-handler.

Poor Indoor Air Quality created in the mechanical air handling system is the cause of Building Related Illnesses. -Symptoms can be identified and whose cause can be directly attributed to airborne building pollutants that flow through the mechanical air handling system.

Indoor air: How to treat it
The treatment of the indoor air in most buildings can be easily done through the existing mechanical air-handling systems by installing UVC systems in the Air-Handlers. This has been done for over 70 years, (1941: 1st Patent, UVC into HVAC system).

Cleaning Indoor Air:
Effective Germ-Killing UV-C Energy. There are no known pathogens* that are resistant to a lethal dose of UV-C Germicidal energy. (*RNA – DNA based Microorganisms). PLCAir assess facility needs for treating indoor air and installs the lethal dose of “Effective UV Energy”. What we call UV-C Killing Power (KP)

UV-C industry has been around since the early 1900s. Today the majority of UV sold on line and off the shelf are of such low wattage and quality they may clean surfaces but are ineffective in air flow. The cheapest ones are no more that a glorified night light in our opinion.


Problem: Energy efficient, air tight homes are a natural incubator for germs, virus, mold and odors that multiply and circulate over and over and over… So you… and your family… breathe recycled air that is laden with allergens, mold and germs… all day, every day.

Solution: PLCAir190KP unit Whole Home Air Disinfection System Effective UV-C Energy of 190 Kill Power to eliminate 97-99% of the germs on the coil and AIR PASSING through your HVAC system at 500fpm. ( 1- PLCAir190KP per Air Handler in your home)


Problem: Sick Building Syndrome (Tight Building Syndrome) Used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and /or comfort effects that appear to be linked to the time spent in a particular building. No specific illness can be identified. Complaints may be localized in a particular room zone or widespread throughout the building. Effect the health of building occupants and the financial health of a company with increased sick leave costs, poor employee performance, low morale and possible law suits.

Solution: PLCAir-190KP, / 380KP / 570KP / 760KP systems custom fit to each mechanical air-handling systems for Whole facility Air Disinfection with Effective UV-C Energy to eliminate 97-99% of the germs in PASSING AIR at the speed of each specific air-handler.

Problem: Sick Building Syndrome (Tight Building Syndrome) Used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health


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