Everyone deserves to breath pure clean air



Pure Light Clean Air Services LLC is the Commercial & Residential dba of Energy Cost Reducers LLC a federal contracting company started in 2008. Our direct partnership with USA OEMs of UVC lighting is the reason we have the highest quality air disinfection-purification products in the industry. We are a factory trained certified UV-C installer and a PPN (Preferred Partner Network) member of TVA

Energy Cost Reducers ™ LLC (ECR) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business based out of TN.

Core Competencies:
Facility HVAC Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality Upgrades Best Value retrofit technologies that reduce energy & operations cost with HVAC retrofit customized solutions. Owner's background as a head of facilities manager of a building with 119 HVAC systems is the reason we provide best value, quality and guarantees to customers. LICENSED, BONDED, AND INSURED

Passion Behind IAQ

In my professional career I unfortunately was infected with mold poisoning that infiltrated my lungs and bloodstream. This rendered me unable to read and form sentences correctly as well as ultimately loss of about 6 to 7 months of memory. The doctors told my wife that they did not know if I would come back from this condition or not. I can attribute the medical doctors that tested me for allergies that pointed to the mold and then the other doctors that tested my blood thoroughly that found the active mold in my bloodstream. Also I have been diagnosed with asthma due to the exposure of this toxic air quality that cost me this decline in my health. If it was not for my church family supporting my wife and prayers for me I do not know how we could have made it through this event in our lives. However all tragedies can be used for ultimate good. I now have the understanding of the importance indoor air quality at a very personal and passionate level. The creation of my company is designed completely around helping others not to go through what I went through and to inject my understanding and expertise on how to drop operational costs that allow businesses to increase their bottom line. This is the reason for the tag line “everyone deserves to breath pure clean air”.

P.S. I am healthy again and my wife and I are grateful to God and our “family” for the many blessings we have, life is very short and illness can take away much of life’s time.

Owner Industry Bio:

Director of Energy Efficiency
Bartlett AREA Chamber of Commerce
November 2010 – August 2013

As a Marine, Clayton Poff sees his work with Team Green Zone as his next step in serving his country. In his role as Director of Resource Efficiency for the Bartlett Area Chamber, Clayton not only helps businesses reduce their energy use, but in the process works to strengthen our national security. Greater efficiency in our buildings and operations means less demand for energy from other countries, including nations that are hostile or competitive toward the United States.

Head of Maintenance
Racquet Club of Memphis
January 2006 – August 2008

In Charge of a 165,000+ sqft facility, all HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Building shell and annual special events set up including Memphis Tennis Tournament. Developed and implemented a preventative maintenance program that drastically reduced mechanical & structural failures and contract labor cost. Responsible for a $515,000+ annual budget and all purchases and contract labor negotiations for building maintenance. Achievements include; being under budget while giving increased service to members and guests through performance indicator tracking and daily preventative maintenance actions. Researched and developed energy savings ideas and actions that reduced utility usage. A member of the Society for Maintenance Reliability Professionals.